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Secondary gears HTQ z 15 / 55 with forced coupling Ø 17



€ 87.06


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Transmission gears made of special steel with straight teeth and recalculated ratio.

They completely eliminate all the axial pressures, thereby reducing stress on the bearings.

They are constructed using high-precision machine, casehardened, tempered and ground to provide silent running and long life.

ATTENTION: We would like to inform you that, since early 1998, Piaggio has modified the keying of the secondary drive gears in its scooters. As even Piaggio itself is not able to give any accurate and exact information on when the new gears will start to be fitted as standard on the various types of scooters, and on the engine reference numbers, currently the only possibility is to check visually the gears after disassembly.

To make the task of replacing the ratio on these scooters easier, we have filled a table organized by first VERSION, when existing, and the second VERSION.

serie 1 serie 2

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