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for YAMAHA T MAX 530 ie 4T LC 2015->2016 (J409E)


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Super T-Max
Twin Cylinder 4-Stroke 560 cc

Malossi is proud to offer "Super T-Max", a completely new gamma of products for the most popular Yamaha Maxi-Scooter and like always "Made In Italy"!

Techincal features

  • Bore: Ø 70 mm
  • Stroke: 73 mm
  • Displacement: 560 cc
  • Compression Ratio: 1:12
  • Max. HP @ 7800 RPM
  • Twin Cylinder Single Block: Special Al-Si-Cu alloy, hardened and stress relieved.
  • Cylinder liners: Cermetal (Ni-Ca-Sil) coated and machined with extreme precision in our state of the art work cells.
  • Cross-honed at 110°/130°.
  • Ø 70 forged pistons, pin 16 with 3 piston rings: special Al-Si-Cu alloy, hardened, shaped crown with valve reliefs, racing design, reinforced and lightened with constant wall thickness.
  • Piston Rings 3:
    • 1st - Compression Ring: Chrome plated steel.
    • 2nd - Intermediate Ring: Phosphate coated steel.
    • 3rd - Oil Control Ring: 3-piece oil ring, (chrome plated steel rails, plus spring).
  • Over 15% increase in power.
  • Extreme reliability.
  • "Made in Italy" Technology.
  • Designed and manufactured in the Calderara di Reno, Italy facility.
  • Malossi's engineering staff gave special attention in all phases, from design to manufacturing, as with all the products displaying this trademark.

Yamaha's clean design single block, twin cylinder was modified by Malossi with significant changes and updates that allowed a substantial bore increase without compromising the original mechanical and thermal integrity.

Of particular interest are the pistons, which are forged using a special alloy, analysed, and designed to withstand the working stresses due to extended use.

Nothing was left to chance, from the gaskets to the lightweight, taper bore, high alloy steel gudgeon pin to the chromed plated and gas nitride steel piston rings.

Every detail is a precious contribution in creating a very exclusive cylinder/piston set: a product for a discerning and well-informed customer!




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